Jon Alpert (Direction/Production/Cinematography-Documentary) “Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq”

Sasha Alpert (Producer, Musical Production) “Autism-The Musical”

Jennie Amias (Production-Documentary) “No End In Sight”

Announcement (Local Level) “ Children & Mental Health (Retos y Triunfos en el Aprendizaje)

John Archer (Production-Documentary -Short Format)-“Black and White”
Simone Pero Audi ( Production- Documentary)(Short Format)“Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy”

Robert Bahar(Production-Documentary) “Made In LA”

Jennifer Baichwal (Direction-Documentary) “Manufactured Landscapes”

Amir Bar-Lev ( Direction-Production-Documentary) “My Kid Could Paint That”

John Battsek (Executive Producer-Documentary) “My Kid Could Paint That”

Richard Berge (Production-Documentary) “The Rape Of Europa”

David Bickerstaff (Direction-Documentary) “Half-Life: A Journey To Chernobyl"

Jason Blalock (Director/Producer-Student Documentary Film) “American/Sandanista”

Carlos Bosch (Direction- Documentary) “Septembers”

Ted Braun (Direction/Writing-Documentary) “Darfur Now”

Yoni Brook (Direction-Documentary (Short Format)-“A Son’s Sacrifice”

Almudena Carracedo (Direction/Production-Documentary) “Made In LA”

Don Cheadle- (Producer-Documentary) “Darfur Now”

Weijun Chen (Direction-Documentary)“Please Vote For Me”

Perrin Chiles (Producer, Musical Production, “Autism-The Musical”

Citizen’s Bank Boston/Arnold Worldwide (Public Service Announcement)(Local Level) “Horizons for Homeless Children”

Bonni Cohen ( Production-Documentary) “The Rape Of Europa”

Joselito Crispim (Producer-Student Documentary Film) “Alagados: Sim, Não Mau Conduto”

Michael Cunninham-Writing-Narrative Film-“Evening”

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Alice Elliott (Director/Producer) (Documentary) (Short Format)-“Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy”

Steve Engel (Production-Documentary) “A Walk To Beautiful”

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Andrea Nix Fine (Direction-Documentary) “War/Dance”

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Eric Grunebaum (Production-Documentary) “The Price of Sugar”

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Andy Halper (Senior Producer-TV Series) “Wide Angle:Season Five- Episode -“18 With A Bullet”

Andy Halper (Senior Producer) “Wide Angle: Season Five””Episode-“Democracy in the Rough”

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Mark Jonathan Harris (Producer Documentary) “Darfur Now”

Albie Hecht (Production-Documentary) “War/Dance”

Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (Public Service Announcement)(National Level) “Fight for Her Rights: One of Those Guys/The Speech”

Courtney Herman (Production- Documentary) “Standing Silent Nation”

John Hoffman (Production-TV Series) ”Addiction”

Pamela Hogan (Series Producer-TV Series) “Wide Angle:Season Five” Episode -“18 With A Bullet”

Pamela Hogan (Series Producer)” Wide Angle: Season Five, Episode-“Democracy in the Rough”

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Dan Klores (Director/Producer-Documentary- “Crazy Love”

Lajos Koltai (Direction-Narrative Film-“Evening”

Keith Hoffman (Supervising Producer-TV Series) “30 Days”

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Lauren Lazin (Executive Producer-TV Series) “Coming Out Stories”

Spike Lee (Direction/Production-Documentary) “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts”

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Thomas Lennon (Direction-TV Series) “The Supreme Court”

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Henriette Mantel (Direction-Documentary) “An Unreasonable Man”

Audry Marrs (Production-Documentary) “No End In Sight”

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H.P. Mendoza (Writing-Musical Feature) “Colma-The Musical”

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National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY”Public Service Announcement”

Sheila Nevins (Executive Production-TV Series) ”Addiction”

Nicole Newnham (Production-Documentary) “The Rape Of Europa”

Kevin O’Donnell (Production- Documentary) “An Unreasonable Man”

Matthew O'Neill ( Production-Cinematography-Documentary) “Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq”

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Eva Orner (Production-Documentary) “Taxi To The Dark Side”

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Jolene Pinder (Director/Producer-Student Documentary Film) “ Bismillah: In The Name Of Allah”

Yolanda Pividal (Director/Producer-Student Documentary Film) “Tijuana Nada Mas"

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Tricia Regan (Director/Producer-Musical Production) “Autism-The Musical”

Geoffrey Richman (Editing-Documentary) ”Sicko”

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Alexandra E. Ryan (Production-Documentary) “Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq”

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Mark Samels(Executive Producer-TV Series) “American Experience” For Episode “New Orleans”

Cathy Schulman “Producer-Documentary) “Darfur Now”

Stephen Segaller (Executive Producer-TV Series) “ Wide Angle:Season Five-Episode -“18 With A Bullet”

Stephen Segaller (Executive Producer)” Wide Angle: Season Five”

Episode-“Democracy in the Rough”

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Susannah Shipman (Production-Documentary) “Taxi To The Dark Side”

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Matthew Syrett (Production- Documentary) (Short Format) “Freeheld”

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Itthisoontorn Vichailak (Direction-Foreign Film) “The Overture” (Thailand)

Jessie Vogelson (Production-Documentary) “No End In Sight”

Jessica Yu (Direction-Documentary) “Protagonist”

Richard Wong (Direction- Musical Feature) “Colma-The Musical”

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Sarah Zaman (Director/Producer-Student Documentary Film) “Bismillah: In The Name Of Allah”

Mark Zwoniter (Series Production-TV Series) “The Supreme Court”


Stephan Adamson- Direction- Music Video-“Rastaman Re-mix”

Donna Atkinson- Producer- Documentary-Short-“Jail Bait”

Leonard Assenchinsky- Producer-Commercial-“Faster Cars”

Max Azersky- Set Design- Non Broadcast TV- “System Failure”

Simon Balken-Direction- Public Service Announcement-“Alhambra Child Services”

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Don Baker- Producer- Documentary-“What Would Jesus Do?”

David Bandan- Producer-Narrative Film-“Slice of Life”

Greg Bandino- Producer- Documentary-“Children of The Mines”

Malcolm Baptiste –Choreography-Musical- “Where The Boys Are”

John Barstow- Editing-Documentary-“Silence Of Greed”

John Bassinger- Production-Documentary-“Cheney’s Ghosts”

Richard Blackoff-Produce/Director- Documentary-Incest A Family Tragedy

Robert Brown Jr.-Producer- Documentary-“ A Different Story”

Cathy Callens- Makeup-Narrative Film- “Slice of Life”

Doris Cameron-Producer-Documentary-“NeoCon Con”

Don Candel- Producer -Animated Feature-“Nowhere To Run”

John Carpenter-Direction- Documentary-“ Children of The Mines”

Michael Cassidy-Producer- Public Service Announcement-‘Inside the Tube”

John Catenildsky-Editing-Documentary-“Water”

Jonathan Cervantes- Direction- Documentary-“All Systems Go”

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David Childres-Producer- Documentary-“What Would Jesus Do?”

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Jesse Grant-Direction- Community Access-‘KTTB Cable”

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James Hutchinson- Producer- Film / Video (Other)-“Safety First”

Marcia Jacobson-Casting- Narrative Film- “Slice of Life”

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Lee Kwang- Direction-Short Animation-“Running Blind”

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Michael Modnolsky- Art Direction- Film / Video (Narrative)-“ Rebel With A Cause”

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PaulettePaulson-Direction- Animated (Other)-“Smiling Faces Never Lie”

Debra Pearson-Producer- Television: Music Program-“The Time Of Their Lives”

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Trefor Pound- Hair Stylist- Narrative Feature-“Copying Beethoven”

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Justice Radderson- Internet / Web Design-Experimental 3-D Webcast

Ralph Robertson-Producer- Educational Film/Video-“Now That We are Four”

Sarah Samuels-Animator- Animated Short- “Running Blind”

Stanley Sederly- Producer- Documentary Video (Long)- “ When Pollution Pays”

Stephan Smith- Editing-Documentary--“The Kyoto Treaty”

Terance Tanner- Performing Artist-Supporting Male Role

Roberta Tierney- Writing: Screenplay-“Best Of Friends”

Thomas Traverston- Direction-Television Short Subject Educational-“Wildlife in Africa”

David Udell- Concept-Screenplay- “Behind the Curtain”

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Vemmer-Direction- Interactive Media-“Diving In The Dark”

Craig Watson- Special Effects- Reality Series-Concept-“NASA 911”

Joan Weston- Producer- Television: Non-Broadcast-“Simple Truths”

Saturday Williams- Executive Producer- Television: Music Program- The Time Of Their Lives

CynthiaYates- Food Stylist- Commercial-“Vege-Aid”

Sally Yernjao-Direction- Documentary-Short-“Where Do The Children Roam?”

Gary Watson (Narrative Film – Religion / Ethics) “After Twilight”

Jerry Weinstock (Documentary) “Theater of Dreams”

Winona Willoughby (Writer) “Do I Have To March Again?”

Karen Yang (Direction) “Whose God?”

Darryl Yoshida (Production-Documentary) “Guide For Mother Earth”

Sean Youngson (Graphics Design) “Live or Die”

Hank Zermew (Production-Feature) “Hang In There”